The Mainspring family was created by many years of hard work and we have formed something we think is truly special. Through strategic partnerships and expanded growth, we now have the ability to help our clients in the most comprehensive way possible. Here are some of the many milestones and highlights that led us to where we are today. 

Happy 10th Anniversary to Mainspring!

Team of 41 employees and 8 office locations in WA, OR, ID and GA.

Mainspring Office in Bend, OR

We opened our office in Bend, OR as a part of the succession plan for Linda Zivney of Zivney Financial Group. Linda has a great team that currently works with her and joined the Mainspring family.


Mainspring Office in Atlanta, GA

In her quest to find a team that would form part of her ultimate succession plan, Marta Shen, was introduced to our team in late 2021 and within a few quick weeks, both parties realized that there was perfect alignment of their values and commitment to the clients. In early spring, the new Mainspring Office in Atlanta was established as a part of a multiyear transition plan. 

Mainspring Office in Caldwell, ID

After many years of engagement with Jayne and Russ Arbon, we opened our first out of state office in Caldwell, Idaho to facilitate their retirement. Jayne and Russ Arbon have served their community for many decades as Arbon Financial Group, LLC. Russ continued to work with our Team to facilitate the transition. 

New team is established In the Idaho office.  

Mainspring Celebrates it’s 5 Year Anniversary

Team of 21 employees and 5 office locations in Washington State.


Caroline Alabach Joins Mainspring Wealth Advisors

Financial Advisor Caroline Alabach joined Mainspring Wealth Advisors as we opened a new branch in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. 

Mainspring and Carolyn Christoferson

After a successful 33-year career of educating and caring for clients, we had the opportunity to meet Carolyn Christoferson and her team in Everett, WA. Looking to spend more time with her aging parents, Carolyn retired soon after, and we continue serving her clients with the same level of care and friendship.

January – Mainspring Update

Mainspring now operates out of three offices in Bellevue, Burien, and Langley with eleven advisors and ten support staff.

January – Mainspring + Robert Taylor in Langley, WA

Robert and Kiyoko achieved their retirement dream in December. We merged with Robert Taylor’s office in Langley, WA. 

July – Mainspring + Cox Financial

Cox Financial and Mainspring merger is official. The firm gradually moved to the Mainspring Wealth Advisors’ brand. 

August – Mainspring Wealth Advisors Open Doors

Kevin, Jeremy, Ed, Tyrel, Brent and Kelli left MetLife and opened doors to Mainspring Wealth Advisors with Raymond James. 

Birth of an Idea

Kevin Skogen, Jeremy Taylor, Brent Soloway, Ed Bradley, and Tyrel Lacey began process of due diligence to leave MetLife and started a new wealth management firm called Mainspring Wealth Advisors.


Mainspring Legacy

We recognize the contributions of all who’ve come before.

We are where we are today because of the efforts of those who came before us. That’s why we believe it’s important to acknowledge their impact on our lives and on the lives of the clients they served.

Linda Zivney

After founding Zivney Financial Group, Linda Zivney has spent her 25-year career empowering clients to achieve their financial goals. Her compassionate and principled approach fostered deep relationships with her clients, helping them navigate life’s challenges and understand the intricacies of the financial process. In retirement, Linda looks forward to new travel adventures, spending more time with loved ones, and indulging in her passion for glasswork in her studio.

Russ and Jayne Arbon

Founders of the Arbon Financial Group, LLC, Russ and Jayne Arbon retired in January 2022. Having spent 34 years as a financial advisor, Russ built his career in Caldwell Idaho with long-term friendships, involvement in community organizations, and excellent client service. Russ and Jayne look forward to spending more time with family and experiencing all the joys of retirement.

Tia Sanidad

Tia Sanidad was more than the COO of Mainspring; Tia was a fiercely loyal friend and incredible colleague. Tia passed away due to complications from cancer in June 2021 and her loss is immeasurable. We are all committed to honoring her memory and adding to her legacy as we strive to live to her ideals. Her impact will continue to be felt by Mainspring and all that we serve.

Carolyn Christoferson

Carolyn Christoferson built a successful practice while fostering strong client relationships during her 33-year career as a financial advisor. Wanting to share the gift of financial fundamentals, she taught retirement planning courses at local colleges for more than 20 years. Retiring in 2020, Carolyn appreciates the freedom to care for her parents and is enjoying traveling with her daughter.

Robert and Kiyoko Taylor

Founders of the Robert Taylor Financial Planning Division, Robert and Kiyoko retired at the end of 2015. Robert spent 25 years building relationships and friendships, upholding high standards and values, and dedicating himself to his clients. Robert is now living with his lovely wife, Kiyoko, in Japan.

Cox Financial

Chuck Cox is the Founder of Cox Financial. His impact and the culture of our practice will continue to be influenced by what he created.

Our affiliation with Raymond James is a choice that we’re proud of and gives us the best foundation to serve our clients in an objective environment.