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A financial planner, much like the mainspring of a watch, offers the balance, coordination, and precision needed to manage your finances effectively. In addition to financial planning, our comprehensive wealth management approach coordinates various financial components like cash flow, investing, insurance and estate planning to work together seamlessly. This includes partnering with CPAs and attorneys to provide clients with the most comprehensive solutions.

Just as a mainspring powers a watch’s movement, a financial planner with wealth management expertise empowers your financial journey, fostering the longevity and growth of your wealth.

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Legacy Partners

Russ and Jayne Arbon

Founders of the Arbon Financial Group, LLC, Russ and Jayne Arbon retired in January 2022. Having spent 34 years as a financial advisor, Russ built his career in Caldwell Idaho with long-term friendships, involvement in community organizations, and excellent client service. Russ and Jayne look forward to spending more time with family and experiencing all the joys of retirement.

Community Involvement

Our team has had the opportunity to be able to get involved with the YMCA in Caldwell, Idaho. During Summer of 2023 we spent two days volunteering for and sponsoring the Golden Games, held at the YMCA.  There were many great events including a 5K walk/run, ping pong, pickleball, and the most competitive and exciting event – deadlifting! We had a chance to connect with the community and hear a lot of amazing and uplifting stories. We were blown away by the facilities and support that the members at the YMCA give each other. It was inspiring watching them live their best healthy lives.

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Our focus is on individuals who seek tax-efficient gifting strategies both during their lifetime and for their legacy planning. We provide advanced tax planning solutions, not only for immediate tax relief but also for the long-term tax implications of your financial decisions. We help you mitigate taxes today and ensure that your financial choices now align with your future long-term goals.

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