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A financial planner, much like the mainspring of a watch, offers the balance, coordination, and precision needed to manage your finances effectively. In addition to financial planning, our comprehensive wealth management approach coordinates various financial components like cash flow, investing, insurance and estate planning to work together seamlessly. This includes partnering with CPAs and attorneys to provide clients with the most comprehensive solutions.

Just as a mainspring powers a watch’s movement, a financial planner with wealth management expertise empowers your financial journey, fostering the longevity and growth of your wealth.

Mainspring Wealth Advisors Langley, WA, Office

Legacy Partners

Robert and Kiyoko Taylor

Founders of the Robert Taylor Financial Planning Division, Robert and Kiyoko retired at the end of 2015. Robert spent 25 years building relationships and friendships, upholding high standards and values, and dedicating himself to his clients. Robert is now living with his lovely wife, Kiyoko, in Japan.

Community Involvement

The Langley Office is committed to South Whidbey’s community.  Our goal is to be a conduit of impact for our local community—being a good steward to our clients, their families, and all impacted by this place we call home– through direct and indirect work: preserving, sustaining, and nurturing the land and people that live here and those to come.

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Our focus is on individuals who seek tax-efficient gifting strategies both during their lifetime and for their legacy planning. We provide advanced tax planning solutions, not only for immediate tax relief but also for the long-term tax implications of your financial decisions. We help you mitigate taxes today and ensure that your financial choices now align with your future long-term goals.

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Our wealth management team provides expert financial guidance for individuals and families. We focus on long-term tax planning, considering the lasting effects of current financial decisions. Our customized solutions, regular reviews, and estate planning expertise promote financial well-being and wealth growth. We prioritize empowering clients with financial knowledge to make informed decisions for a prosperous future.

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