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About Us

In a precision timepiece, a mainspring is used to drive the entire mechanism. As the mainspring’s energy is steadily released, each part of the timepiece is kept in continuous, precise motion. In the same way, Mainspring Wealth Advisors acts as a driving force to keep the personal and financial goals of our clients moving forward. You can be confident that the team at Mainspring is always at work – like the unseen mainspring of a fine timepiece – helping to ensure that each financial component of your life is kept in harmonious motion with the others. 

Building A Financial Plan

In order to pursue your personal and financial goals, the many financial components of your life must work together in harmony. This requires comprehensive planning and a detailed process to pull it all together. You can learn about our process here.

Initial Consultation
Identify and clarify your goals, dreams, special concerns, and challenges.
Develop + Finalize Plan
Facilitate conversation around topics such as retirement planning, college savings, life insurance, investment planning, tax strategies, estate planning, and charitable planning.
Execution + Implementation
Create action item list to include recommendations with appropriate schedule for implementation and accountability.
Advancement Planning
Conduct reviews and consultations with outside experts, when appropriate.

Our Services

Managing Wealth For A Wide Range Of Needs And Goals

Financial Planning

Your financial plan connects all the components of a comprehensive wealth management plan, including investments, risk management, tax strategies, and estate planning strategies, acting as a roadmap to help ensure your long-term goals are met.

Investment Management

We believe investing is a means to an end, and it all starts with your financial plan. We believe a personalized financial plan is a prerequisite to a successful investing experience.

Estate and Legacy Planning

Build a holistic plan for your legacy that provides for loved ones and protects your estate.

Tax Planning

A proactive approach to tax planning helps you better understand what your tax situation may look like in the future and how the decisions you make today can affect your future wealth.

Insurance and Asset Protection

One of the most important functions we serve is helping to protect all you have worked to build.

Who We Serve

We serve many different clients with a variety of financial planning needs. Like them, your needs are as individual as you are. As such, our team is proud – and pleased – to provide you with professional guidance and an array of financial planning and wealth management services that can be personalized to fit your situation.

Individuals + Families

We work to allow clients to live their lives with a purpose and a freedom to focus on their family and goals.

Business Owners

We partner with business owners to help ensure the stewardship of their legacies.


If you are one of the many Americans who plan to retire in the next five to 10 years, it’s time to determine what shape your retirement savings are in.


Our professionals can work with you to review and reassess your portfolio.

Mainspring In The Community

One of our core beliefs is that simply doing business in the community is not enough – we choose to support causes that make a difference. Several times a year we spend time with community-based organizations to help them pursue their goals and objectives. Here are our cumulative volunteer service hours, proudly serving the community since 2014.

Hours Of Service


Trust Mainspring’s team to ensure that each financial component of your life is kept in harmonious motion with the others. We invite you to contact us, today!