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Our local office was established in 2011 and has been working under the name Zivney Financial Group until 2023 when we partnered with Mainspring Wealth Advisors. Our core values have remained the same throughout the years, we want to build deep relationships with our clients and help them to achieve their financial goals. We provide a tailored Wealth Management Process designed to discover each of our client’s unique financial pictures and help them create a plan to navigate the bumps along the road as they work towards building wealth, retiring and planning a legacy.

The Bend, Oregon Office of Mainspring Wealth Advisors

Legacy Partners

Linda Zivney

After founding Zivney Financial Group, Linda Zivney has spent her 25-year career empowering clients to achieve their financial goals. Her compassionate and principled approach fostered deep relationships with her clients, helping them navigate life’s challenges and understand the intricacies of the financial process. In retirement, Linda looks forward to new travel adventures, spending more time with loved ones, and indulging in her passion for glasswork in her studio.

Community Involvement

We love living in Central Oregon and the emphasis our community places on giving back. We personally support that community first focus by volunteering and supporting multiple local organizations. As a business we get out of the office quarterly to volunteer with various charities. 

Meet Our Team In Bend, OR

Our focus is on individuals who seek tax-efficient gifting strategies both during their lifetime and for their legacy planning. We provide advanced tax planning solutions, not only for immediate tax relief but also for the long-term tax implications of your financial decisions. We help you mitigate taxes today and ensure that your financial choices now align with your future long-term goals.

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